Superabsorbent dressing is a high-end wound dressing, It constitute of waterproof 

backing, super absorbent core, and skin-friendly non-woven fabrics, which can be 

diverted exudate to the core layer - SAP (Superabsorbent pad), thereby establishing 

a three-dimensional exudate management system. Keep the wound moist and promote 

wound healing.

Product Structure:

●First layer: Non-woven.

●The second layer: SAP lock solution (160cc / 100cm2), polypropylene (Sodium hydrogel 

   particles are embedded in paper pulp).

●Third layer: plain spunlace.

●The fourth layer: Punched silicone gel: silicone gel after the addition of capacity (Easily 

   adsorbed on the skin, hypoallergenic material).


●excellent exudates management with high capability

●outstanding fluid control with 160cc/m2

●minimizes risk of maceration and leakage

●traps the wound fluid and its components away

●can be applied under compression therapy

●non-strike through with bacteria-proof backing

●cost-efficient and eco-friendly

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